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JSJ Self-Harmonizing Flows at Vitalize Community!

  • Vitalize Community & Healing Arts Studio 3474 South 2300 East #12 Salt Lake City, UT 84109 (map)

When our energy body is harmonized our physical body is able to relax and heal. You will be guided through several flows that will harmonize all energy functions that rebuild the body, relax the mind, and support the breath. You will be laying and/or sitting on the ground and using your hands to hold energy points on your own body which will bring your mind/body/spirit into harmony. 

Vitalize has yoga mats, blankets and pillows. You are invited to bring your own mat and/or blanket and three pillows/cushions, if you like. The blanket/mat is to rest on and the pillows are to support your head and arms while you hold energy points on your body. Wear comfortable clothing that supports relaxation. 

Open to all ages, shapes, kinds of humans able to rest in quiet while  being guided through Energy Self-Harmonizing Flows. The cost for this workshop is $30.

Jin Shin Jyutsu®  is a physio-philosophy that involves the application of the hands for gently balancing the flow of life energy in the body; more generally, it is the awakening to awareness of complete harmony the Universe. It is the art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, this damming effect may lead to discomfort or even pain. This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area but will continue and eventually dis-harmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that we are endowed with the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves (in rhythm with the Universe) physically, mentally and spiritually.

You can secure your spot by sending a $30 payment to Lara via Venmo @LKhealing. Other payment options available, which will be explored when you register.

Contact Lara to register for this special offering.

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