Location: This event will be held on the University of Utah Campus at the Peterson Heritage Center from Monday May 6 through Friday May 10, 2019. The The Peterson Heritage Center is located at 151 Connor Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. We are in the same building as the last meeting, but we’ll be in the larger room upstairs (2AB) with a balcony (view the room and floor plans). Here are driving directions. 

Time: Arrive at 8:00 AM on May 6th for registration. The exact start time for the remaining class days will be announced the first day of class. Plan accordingly to be present for a full day of class (approximately 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) with a 30-60 minute lunch break and multiple 10 minute breaks throughout the day. Exact length and timing of breaks will be decided on the first day of class. Bring food just in case we do not have time to leave campus for lunch.

Parking: Please purchase your parking permit before the first day of class. Temporary parking permits are available online and will be required Monday through Friday. The easiest way to purchase your parking permit is by doing so through the U of U Parking Services website. Here is the U of U parking map

Transportation: The University of Utah campus has easy access to the Salt Lake City bus and light rail system You may view the Utah Transit Authority transportation schedules and maps here. You may view other transportation options and information on getting around Salt Lake City provided by the University of Utah for visitors by clicking here

What to bring: JSJ text I & II, something which to take notes, colored pencils, water bottle/mug, snacks/lunch, and a cozy blanket. Pencils are great for writing notes in your text book without the permanence of pen ink. Please note, there is not a pencil sharpener in the room. You are responsible for bringing your own office/school supplies. 

New student text: First time students will receive their textbooks in class. You will receive Text 1 before part one and Text II before part two of class. Repeat students are responsible for their own texts... 

Text books: You may purchase your JSJ textbook online. Click here to access the JSJ, Inc. bookstore. There will not be a bookstore during class. If there are any items you would like to purchase, you may do so online. Be sure to purchase your texts way in advance of class. 

Food/beverages: There might not be enough time to leave campus for lunch. Please be prepared to stay on campus during our lunch break. Please bring your own snacks and lunch. Here is a Google Map link showing restaurants near the University of Utah. Here is a Google Map link showing grocery stores near the University of Utah. There is a purified water fountain just outside our space. Those of you familiar with the cafeteria that’s in the same building need to know that it will be closed the week are in session.

What to wear: Layers of comfortable clothing for both warm and cool temperatures. The room will be air conditioned and we do not have control of the temperature. There is a high probability the room will feel cold in the morning but it does warm up as the day progresses. If you tend to run cold, please bring warm layers. You will be sitting for long periods of time in a classroom setting and you will also be laying on a table receiving JSJ sessions during our hands-on practice. Please dress appropriately. 

Hotel: Accommodations are available at the University of Utah Guest House (hotel). The hotel added an attrition clause to the contract this year, which we cannot afford. You are responsible for your own room reservations. Please reserve your room ASAP using the “campus visitor” discount rate. Click here to view the room types and amenities. Reservations: 801-587-1000, Toll-free: 888-416-4075.

Continuing Education: Click here to view the latest CEU credits offered by taking this JSJ 5-Day course. Please send a message in advance if you are taking this workshop for CEU credit and include the credit type you are seeking to receive. 

Cancellation / Payment Policy for JSJ Classes:
- If this class is cancelled, JSJ Inc. will reimburse your class fees, but are NOT liable for your travel, accommodation AND ANY OTHER costs.
- If you cancel an Early Bird commitment 60 days (March 6th) or less before the class (May 6th), there is a $50 fee per part. ($100.00 per class) 
- If you cancel 30 days or less before the class, your deposit is non-refundable.
- If making deposit now to receive the Early Bird rate, the full amount due must be paid 60 days prior (March 6th) to beginning of class (May 6th). 

Please contact us if you have questions.
Click here to send a message.

Registration information is located on the main event page. Return to event page.